This page contains all information about the course. Be sure to refer to it if you have any questions on how this course operates.


Please email me using your Cal Poly email. Emails from your personal account will be ignored.

Course Description

You will walk away from this class understanding

Course Methodology


We will be using Precalculus, Mathematics For Calculus, 7thedition by James Stewart et al. We will not be using WebAssign.

The in-class lectures will closely follow the sections in the textbook. I highly recommend reading the relevant sections in the textbook as a resource to learn from.


Lectures are held in class four days a week. Most lecture notes will be typed up, available on at this page.

A few examples will have a Show Solution button. I recommend when you are reading through the notes to try solving the problem on paper, then comparing your solution after.

Lectures will follow the sections in the textbook.

Think, Pair, Share

In lecture, after introducing a concept, seeing how to use it in a few examples, you will be given a similar problem to work on. We will use the following strategy:

Finally, I will present my solution. Instead of writing down stuff for 50 minutes we are learning by engaging with the material.



Homework will be posted every Monday and due in one week (the following Monday) at the beginning of class.

The only accepted format is on paper in person and stapled in the top left corner. If you forget to staple you will lose points.

Grading is based on two criteria: completeless and a few problems will be chosen to be graded for correctness.


Quizzes will be in person every Monday, except for the first week. They will be held during the last 10-15 minutes of class and will cover the previous week's material.


There will be two midterms and one final exam during finals week. All exams will be cumulative at the date the midterm is given.

Exam dates:

The final is taken in the classroom we meet for lecture.

Unless I have granted you an exception, you must take the final at the specified time; you cannot take the final during a different section.

Late Policy

For homework: Penalized 20% per day turned after the due date.

For quizzes/exams: You must email me 24 hours before the quiz or exam time to be considered for a make-up quiz/exam. Failure to do so will receive a zero on the quiz/exam.

Grading Policy

The aforementioned assignments have the following grading breakdown:
A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D F
93-100 90-93 87-90 83-87 80-83 77-80 73-77 70-73 60-70 0-60


Canvas will only be used to keep track of grades. All course content will be hosted on my website.

Academic Integrity

Cheating of any form requires, at minimum, a F on the assignment. Let us define what is allowed for each assignment.

Resource Homeworks Quizzes + Midterms + Final
Me (the professor) Yes Yes
Course materials (lectures + notes) Yes No
Textbook Yes No
Collaboration with peers Yes No
Online resources (internet + math engines like Photomath) No No

Other Important Information


Students registed with the DRC should contact me ASAP so we can set up and discuss the necessary arrangements.

Getting Help

A four unit class requires four hours of lecture and at least four hours of work outside of lecture. How to spend this time wisely?

Practice Exams

The main course portal contains practice exams and their solutions.

My advice is to complete the practice exam first, then checking your solutions with the key. This way you can see the concepts you need to work on.

Kennedy Library Tutoring

The Learning Support Center hosts drop-in tutoring in several locations. The main location is Graphic Arts 26-110A. See this link for more details.

Free Drop-In Tutoring

The Math and Stats Help Hub has drop-in virtual and in-person tutoring from Monday through Thursday 4-7 PM.
Details can be found here (you need to be logged in to Canvas).

Office Hours

You should attend office hours to clear up any questions you have about anything; doesn't need to be course related. If you need help, don't hesitate to reach out!

For example, if you would like to get personalized advice and feedback on your understanding of the material, office hours is the place to do it. I will learn about your thought process in a problem, determine your weaknesses and strengths, and come up with a plan moving forward.